Work needs to
work for everyone

For you, your family
and your employer.

We are experts in helping Working Parents not just survive at work but thrive.

Having a family and a career is hard. To ensure we keep women in the leadership pipeline, they need to feel supported, valued and heard. One way of doing this is to proactively manage experiences that can be potential pain points – including: returning to work from parental leave, working from home during pandemics, and taking on people leadership roles. It is a critical first step in retaining and engaging these women in the workforce.

We offer a unique blend of services that support both individuals and employers. For individuals we offer 1:1 coaching during transformational times like returning to work, changing careers and taking on leadership roles. For employers, our services include: auditing your current Return to Work Experience, coaching individuals as they navigate their new normal, delivering training on how to set & manage boundaries and designing practical & inspirational Returner Programmes.

If we don’t put a care wrap around women in the middle of their career while they are in full juggle mode, we can’t be surprised when they are not there at the top”.

Emma Mclean, Creator & Founder, Works For Everyone