We offer a unique blend of services that combine to make returning to work a great experience that works for everyone. Having a family and working is not easy. But there are actions that employers can take to help their working parents not just survive everyday but thrive. Get in touch below.

Returner Programmes

Returning to work from parental leave is a transformational time in a person’s life. For some, work may have completely changed while they have been away but what is for sure is that they will have changed. Returner Programmes are all about helping working parents to navigate their new normal, reminding them of their strengths and equipping them with practical tools. We customise programmes to meet our client’s needs and typically include a combination of Workshops, Community Building and Coaching.

Returner Experience Audits and Design

One of the pain points we have observed in our work is that while employers often have all the correct policies and procedures when it comes to parental leave, employees often have inconsistent experiences and it is largely influenced by their line manager. In the same way employers design an onboarding experience for their new hires, there also needs to be a “reboarding experience”. We can audit the existing experience and lead the design of the future experience – thinking about what experience employers want to deliver pre, during and post parental leave.

Coaching and Training

Returning parents can experience a rollercoaster of emotions – and that is only before 9am in the morning! Life has changed and they need new strategies and techniques to navigate their way through. Often we see that returning parents rarely dedicate time to working on their career and this is where 1:1 coaching can help. Dedicated time to develop their own insights and solutions for the impact they want to achieve at work.

We also offer training which can be delivered through Workshops – both in person and virtual. Topics include: Imposter Syndrome & Inner Critic, Setting and Managing Boundaries, Dealing With A Never Ending To Do List and Building Your Personal Brand.

Let’s make returning to work an experience that your people proudly talk about with their working parent friends.

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