Getting Back In The Game

Returning to the workforce after having a baby is a big step, one that might evoke some equally big feelings. Emma Mclean, our CEO & Founder, wrote this piece for OHBaby! magazine to share
her tips on how to navigate this tricky time. While there are lots of things outside of our control during this time, there are things we can control and they provide a great focus for you. The article is jam packed with practical tips so get amongst it!

11 January 2022

Helping Working Parents Get Through Lockdown

Emma talked to Jesse Mulligan from RNZ Afternoons to share her insights on what is helping working parents to get through lockdown. It is a tough time for working parents who are carrying the triple load of work, caregiving and homeschooling. They have almost been given the impossible ask of priortising family and work as number one. Emma shares some ideas for getting through.

21 September 2021

Working parent advocate: Need to be allowances when working from home

Emma spoke to Kate Hawkesby on the Newstalk ZB Early Edition show about the expectations that employers have of working parents during lockdown. “They wouldn’t expect us to turn up to work with our three children, yet they’re expecting us to work just like we do we don’t have them when we’re at home, so there’s got to be allowances.”

24 August 2021

Flexible Working: Is It Doing More Harm Than Good?

Emma was interviewed by Niki Bezzant from about the impact that Covid-19 has had for working parents. She shares her observations on how hybrid working is working out (or not). And she also shares her hopes for the future that include more part time roles and having childcare viewed as core infrastructure.

10 August 2021

Visible Women

Emma shares valuable tips for parents on how they can navigate their return to work and parenting. The Visible Women podcast series profiles women running social enterprise businesses and how they are dealing with the challenges in a Covid-19 world.

7 July 2021

Newstalk ZB

Working parents advocate: Normalise part-time work for new parents

14 May 2021

The Female Career

Emma Mclean: Working parents’ advocate and founder of Works For Everyone

9 February 2021

Women in the Workplace: Interview with Emma Mclean

March 2019

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