Day 55 (not that I’m counting).

Spoiler alert, this post does not contain any answers or a silver bullet that makes everything better. It is a wallow. It is a wallow in uncertainty, in the feeling that this sucks and in the nothingness that greets me every morning. Don’t get me wrong, everyone who is still in a lockdown is fillingContinue reading “Day 55 (not that I’m counting).”

Whose doing the lunches, laundry and loo-rolls in your house?

One of the biggest surprises for me about the work I do is that what resonates most with working mothers has nothing to do with what happens in the workplace. And everything to do with what happens at home. It is about the work, the unpaid work that happens at home and the lion’s shareContinue reading “Whose doing the lunches, laundry and loo-rolls in your house?”

A Women’s Employment Action Plan from the School Pick Up Queue

Right now, in Aotearoa New Zealand, there are 5,000 more women than men looking for paid employment. Covid-19 disproportionately impacted on women with up two thirds of all job losses in the last 6 months of 2020. But it was a double whammy for women as study after study is proving that they also pickedContinue reading “A Women’s Employment Action Plan from the School Pick Up Queue”

Reimagining School Holidays

School holidays hit New Zealand next week. For working parents everywhere, the weeks leading up to the school holidays tick along like a time bomb. You know it’s coming and you know it’s not going to be pretty. It’s definitely not going to be a holiday! Frantic dashes across town dropping children at different locationsContinue reading “Reimagining School Holidays”

What Taylor Swift has in common with me.

As a female, I don’t think it is an unusual experience to grow up with a sense that you need to be a good girl. Do what you are told. Fit in with everyone. Look after other people. Don’t stand out. So while watching “Miss Americana” this week, the Netflix documentary about Taylor Swift, IContinue reading “What Taylor Swift has in common with me.”

Customer Love Letters

I used to think that wanting your customers to love you was an unrealistic goal. But I was proved wrong last week.   On Instagram, Nadia Lim, one of the founders of My Food Bag posted a love letter she had received from one of her customers (who was aircrew on a flight she wasContinue reading “Customer Love Letters”

Keep serving the freaking peanuts

I have always thought that leaders at work are a bit like cabin crew on an airline. When it gets bumpy or I hear a random noise on take-off, I always look straight at the cabin crew. If they look calm, then I’m calm. I figure that they have done this flying thing way moreContinue reading “Keep serving the freaking peanuts”