All About Us

Works For Everyone was established in 2019 by Emma Mclean after she had experienced returning to work three times from parental leave over a 14 year time period. She found working and running a family were relentless tasks and she felt like she was stepping into a second shift at 6pm everyday. She also observed among her female colleagues, a pattern of career ambitions being abandoned and seeing them ‘off-ramping” themselves into more junior roles. When women “off-ramp” themselves, it is often because work doesn’t work anymore. Primarily because of the other responsibilities they have taken on.

These observations, inspired her to set up a service that aims to improve the experience of employees returning to work following parental leave. If employers can put a “care wrap” around women returning to work, equip them with new skills and help them to stay their course, it will have a positive impact on the number of women in the senior leadership pipeline.

Emma brings to this important work, a wealth of career experience gained in corporate marketing roles in NZ and the UK in addition to qualifying as a professionally certified ICF accredited coach. Emma believes that if work doesn’t work for everyone, then it just doesn’t work. When you become a parent, work needs to work for everyone – for you, for your family and for your employer.

What Our Clients Say

“Firstly it was nice that there was an investment in returning mothers and that there’s an acknowledgement of how difficult it can be. I loved the time spent on “myself”, thinking and learning and collaborating with other mothers. Emma has the warmest personality and can relate to everyone on so many different levels. She listens, understands and responds with so much empathy and wisdom. I felt like I was sitting in my living room with a very good friend, chatting away.”

Bonnie, BNZ June 2020 Returner Programme Cohort

“I found the workshops really helpful and I think if I’d done them closer to my return date my experience of coming back to work would have been significantly different. I learned so many little tricks to help with my confidence and it was amazing to finally meet other women in the company feeling the same way.”

Auckland Returning Parent, Chorus Sept 2019 Returners Programme Cohort

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