The Second Splendid Truth

gretchenSome years ago, a journalist living in New York decided to complete a project. Her project (and later her bestselling book “The Happiness Project”) was to spend one year experimenting with different techniques to make her happy. For example – month one was going to sleep early, month 2 was clearing clutter, month 3 was being nice to her husband and it went on like that. Last week I was reminded of this book and specifically the second splendid truth – pictured above.
I had recently been to a parent teacher interview for one of my children and had come away feeling really pleased that the teacher had my child’s best interests at heart and really cared about getting a positive outcome. I reflected on this to a friend and she suggested that I should pass my positive feedback onto the principal. So I wrote an email to the school’s leadership team passing on my thanks to the teacher and recognising her commitment. It felt great to write that email! I was smiling when I was writing! But it got better as I smiled even more when I got the replies from the team and the teacher. I felt good. I made myself happy by making someone else happy.

Do it today!

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